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Results of Rocktoberfest 2017

Presented by the Cascade Fermentation Association

Best of Show (175 Entries)

1st - Andy Johnson - Belgian Pale
2nd - Jake Freshour - Boom Gose the Dynamite
3rd - Jason Barker - Granny Panty Dropper

Category Winners

Category 1 - Standard American Beer (3)

1st Place Jake Freshour Summer Wheat
2nd Place Charles Macaluso Monkey Fist
3rd Place Sean Neary Citra Cream

Category 2 - Czech Lager (7)

1st Place Michael Gwynn Tmavy
2nd Place Scott Slater Czech Pale Lager
3rd Place Scott Nieradka Svetly Lezak

Category 3 - Pale Malty European Beer (8)

1st Place Jake Freshour Oktobeer
2nd Place Charles Macaluso Hawaiian Lei
3rd Place Scott Nieradka Helles

Category 4 - Pale Bitter European Beer (7)

1st Place Jake Freshour John Deere
2nd Place Jake Freshour Rasenmaher Bier
3rd Place Scott Nieradka Leictbier

Category 5 - Amber Malty European Beer (4)

1st Place Sander Hoekstra Marzen
2nd Place Scott Nieradka Dunkles Bock
3rd Place Daniel Strawn Strawnfest

Category 6 - Amber Bitter European Lager (4)

1st Place Alex Brehm Alt. Right
2nd Place Adam Lund Cowboy Alt
3rd Place Alex Brehm Alex's Weiner Beer

Category 7 - Dark European Beer (4)

1st Place Frank Garrett Baltic Porter
2nd Place Jake Freshour Stormin Norman
3rd Place Michael Gwynn Bock Bock

Category 8 - German Wheat Beer (4)

1st Place Justin Bradley Weiss Huy
2nd Place Michael Gwynn Covhefe
3rd Place Daniel Strawn Banana Rama

Category 9 - British Bitter Ale (6)

1st Place Sean Neary O. Bit.
2nd Place Jeremy Jalabert Bunny Hop Over Big Ben
3rd Place Jeremy Jalabert BitterettiB
3rd Place Scott Nieradka ESB

Category 10 - Brown British Beer (4)

1st Place Dan Shults Brown Town
2nd Place Dan Shults Brown Dog
3rd Place Ryan Holt Holty's Mild

Category 11 - Irish Beer (4)

1st Place Sean Neary Miss Stout
2nd Place John Bricker Irish Extra Stout
3rd Place Mark Lindner Time and Tide

Category 12 - Dark British Beer (5)

1st Place Jason Barker My New Favorite Recipe
2nd Place Alex Brehm Snowtmeal Stout
3rd Place Rafael Mata Milkee

Category 13 - Strong British Beer (4)

1st Place Charles Macaluso All Systems Go (Old Ale)
2nd Place Charles Macaluso McMarion (Wee Heavy)
3rd Place Charles Macaluso Old Salty (English Barleywine)

Category 14 - American Blonde Ale (5)

1st Place Sean Neary Citra Blonde
2nd Place Michael Gwynn An Arizona Tanning Session
3rd Place Sean Neary POGBA

Category 15 - American Pale Ale (9)

1st Place Jake Freshour BW Barbarian
2nd Place Dan Shults Ale Pale
3rd Place Todd Huber Pale Ale
HM Larry Flory Pale Ale

Category 16 - American Amber/Brown Ale (4)

1st Place Jim Thompson Bonny Lass Summer
2nd Place Sean Neary Anchors Aweigh
3rd Place Terry Moravac 'Murican

Category 17 - American Porter/Strout (5)

1st Place Charles Macaluso MOAB
2nd Place Craig Vanaken Raven Poreter
3rd Place Jim Thompson Penelope Porter

Category 18 - American IPA (10)

1st Place Todd Huber IPA
2nd Place Jason Barker Too Much Work
3rd Place Mark Logan Mercy IPA

Category 19 - Specialty IPA (5)

1st Place Spencer Williams Deflated Balls
2nd Place Spencer Williams 10:48
3rd Place Jeremy Jalabert Red Viking
HM Paul Freeman Black Magic

Category 20 - Strong American Ales (8)

1st Place Adam Lund Mosaic Hop Hash
2nd Place Paul Freeman Alpaca IPA
3rd Place Brian Kent August Sunset

Category 21 - Belgian Ales (4)

1st Place Andy Johnson Belgian Pale
2nd Place Daniel Strawn Blue JD
3rd Place Eric Hinson Pirates Well Wit

Category 22 - Strong Belgian Ales (8)

1st Place Jason Barker Granny Panty Dropper
2nd Place Jake Freshour Abbe de Freshe
3rd Place Mike Furry Sassy Saison

Category 23 - Belgian Dark Strong (4)

1st Place Jason Barker Beverly Beach Belgian
2nd Place The Grinch's Dubel
3rd Place Eric Hinson Stormy Nights

Category 24 - Historic Beer (3)

1st Place Jake Freshour Boom Gose the Dynamite
2nd Place Jeremy Jalabert The Clash
3rd Place Charles Macaluso No Gang Gangsta Boat

Category 25 - Sour Beer (5)

1st Place Andy Johnson Blackberry Lambic
2nd Place Jonathan Marx Framboi Saison
3rd Place Justin Bradley La Farme Bretta

Category 26 - Fruit Beers (6)

1st Place Jake Freshour Florida Kolsch
2nd Place Sandra Hoekstra Raspberry Wit
3rd Place Jay Walford Palisade Peach Blonde
HM Charles Macaluso Barrel of Mounds

Category 27 - Spice/Herb/Veggie Beers (6)

1st Place Jeremy Jalabert MC -C-Rock
2nd Place Jake Freshour Basil Bee
3rd Place Craig Vanaken PJ's Habenero Wheat

Category 28 - Alternative Frementables (3)

1st Place Scott Nieradka Oatmeal Pale Ale
2nd Place Jim Thompson Miss Larue Honey
3rd Place Alex Brehm Its Beer?

Category 29 - Wood Beer (6)

1st Place Mike Furry Whisky A Go Go
2nd Place Jim Thompson 2016 Fat Satan
3rd Place Alex Brehm Mum's Feelin' It

Category 30 - Experimental/Specialty Beers (6)

1st Place Jake Freshour 291 Pils
2nd Place Jim Thompson Palme D'Or
3rd Place Rafael Mata Pilsred

Category 31 - Cidars (6)

1st Place Andy Johnson Apfelwine
2nd Place Adum Lund Newton Granny Blend
3rd Place Terry Johnson AppleCinn
HM Murry Conklin Feral Cider

Category 32 - Meads (5)

1st Place Trista Johnson Lavender Lemon Mead
2nd Place Jim Thompson Lake Berryessa
3rd Place Alex Brehm/td> Wee Honey