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Cascade Fermentation Association’s focus is on both sharing knowledge of the home brewing/fermentation process, and sharing the wonderful products of that knowledge with each other.  
The goal: To create and drink better beer/wine/mead/ etc. while having a great time.  
Meeting times and locatoin are TBD. We meet every last Sunday of every month. Meetings generally begin at 6pm and go till 8:30 pm 
Have a hoppy day! Cheers!

RoctoberFest 2022

We have the competition dates set and ready and we are registered with BJCP, and on Reggiebeer.com for registration!  

RoctoberFest 2022 will be held at Mecca Grade Estate Malt in Madras on October 1st! 

Cut off dates for registration will be 9/16, and shipping/drop off cut offs will be Friday 23rd at all locations which means we need your beer by 5pm at all locations on the 9/23! 

Mecca Grade Estate Malt will be the shipping location, and Steinbarts, Portland, Or and Beer Stop Redmond, Or will be drop off locations! 

Late fees of $5 will be imposed this year to ensure prompt delivery and pick up of entries to ensure we can get the entries and bottles sorted in time to ensure we can make any logistical adjustments if their are any unforeseen discrepancies.  

Entries are $10 per entry with no more than 1 entry per category, and a max of 250 entries this year. 

 If anyone had issues last year due to clerical or logistical errors from last year the CFA will honor a credit/comped entry. 

In Memory of
Trevor Ramirez

 BJCP INFO  Competition Registration Here

Results for CFA Rocktoberfest 2021 10/09/2

There were 117 judged entries in 20 Medal GroupsFor any questions, email Dan Bezdek Standard American Beer (4 entries)Brewer …

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First Annual Midsummer Swap Meet

Tomorrow is the BIG day! Our First Annual Midsummer Swap Meet is tomorrow, Saturday, June 18th from 11 AM - 7 PM. Didn’t RSVP? No worries, come on…

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Otto”s Landing

Heads up………… New bar to hang at in Redmond. With BeerStop and this place I think I’ve found the places that will fill my mugs and Heart!!

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Results for Rocktoberfest 2019

There were 129 judged entries in 19 Medal Groups For any questions, email Dan Bezdek International Lager/ Standard American Beer (11 …

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Results of Rocktoberfest 2018

Presented by the Cascade Fermentation Association Best of Show (168 Entries) 1st place BOS: Steve R Wilson with his California Voodoo …

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Results of Rocktoberfest 2017

Presented by the Cascade Fermentation Association Best of Show (175 Entries) 1st - Andy Johnson - Belgian Pale2nd - Jake Freshour - Boom …

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